Issues with user account "not linked to a unit"

Hi, one of the parents in our AHG unit has been having issues with RSVPing to events, specifically after logging in. She is trying to RSVP to events directly from the event invitation emails from TT on her mobile phone, and after being prompted to log in receives the error “user profile is not connected with any unit.” I’ve asked her to try and RSVP from a computer as well in case is was an issue using the interface on a mobile device, however she says she has had issues logging in to TT overall and is frequently asked to change her password. From my side, I can’t see any issues with her account, her daughters are both assigned to units and also her household. We don’t assign parents directly to units but that hasn’t been an issue for any other parent RSVPing to my knowledge. Has anyone else run into a similar issue? I can’t tell if it’s a TT issue or possibly a user error somehow (she’s not too tech savvy).

It sounds to me like she is trying to get into a deactivated account.

Please go to Manage > Members > User Accounts, find her user name, and make sure that is the one she is using. That should solve the problem.

Thank you! I think the issue is from when her account was originally set up her name was spelled incorrectly, so she has been trying to login with her name spelled correctly, even though the incorrect spelled username is linked to her account. I’ve asked her to try the username linked to her account and confirm back. Is there a way to change her username or will it stay the same?

She can change the user name once she has logged in by clicking her name, then clicking “User Name & Password”. All she has to do is put in the new user name and press save. It won’t let her save if the user name is taken for some reason.