Why aren't our girls showing up along with their parents in RSVP?

Hello Community,

I’ve looked everywhere on TT and can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. When our parents are getting the email to RSVP for meetings and events, their daughters are not included. The girls are assigned to the proper households and none of the girls has their own email. Shouldn’t they automatically show up so that their parents can RSVP for them and then we can see parents and girls? What should I do to make this happen?

For example, as the troop coordinator, I get an email for a meeting that shows a place for myself and my husband to RSVP. However, our daughter is not included. Why is that? This is happening for all meetings and events.


Make sure the girls are invited to the meetings/events in the event details. They might not be checked in the checkbox.

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I figured it out!!!

Thank you!! That was the issue!

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Great! Glad you got it fixed!