It's the little things... (02/24/2016)

A few minor changes:

1) The "custom directory" option under Communicate is now available for Australian scouters.

2) The wording on the newsletter was changed for events which don't require you to RSVP so that it just says "Get more information about this event here:" instead of "Get more information about this event, RSVP, or change your RSVP status here:"

3) We were not listing empty households on Manage -> Members -> Households. You now have the option to see those households.

4) Creating a new leader with a new household was not building the household properly. This is fixed.

We've had a lot of people try out the new subdomain email and marketing site features that are currently in Alpha and have gotten lots of great feedback. We are always interested in learning more, so please let us know how those features are working out.

Have a great day!


~ Dave