A boatload of minor changes (02/04/2016)

We announced a major change in the previous post this morning. This post will detail all the minor changes that went with it.


1) People who visit your web site (via the subdomain) but are not logged in or are not a member of your unit will no longer see the "Plan", "Manage", "Communicate", "Achieve", and "Share" menu or any other actions that are reserved for members of your unit.


2) On the event details page, it listed a count of everyone who has RSVP'd by member type (youth, adult, guest, etc) and then added them all together and called it "Total Guests". Many of you found this confusing so we have changed it to just "Total".


3) There was an irritating scrollbar on the view for adding new transactions to money accounts. We've removed it.


4) We have updated our mailing address. We are now at 220 Fort Worth Highway #600, Weatherford TX 76086.


5) For troops using the "LDS Scouting" setting the patrols page was supposed to display an image for each patrol, but instead it was showing the URL of the image. This is fixed.


6) For certain settings of events, we were not showing who was invited on the event details page. We now show who is invited for all events regardless of settings.


7) The patrols page uses a concept called "caching" very heavily in order to make it perform well. We fixed a minor bug in the caching.


8) We have added support for generic unit types so that anyone can use TroopTrack to manage their youth group, even if we don't offer support directly.


Phew. Have a great day!


~ Dave