Minor updates (04/04/2016)

This morning we are releasing a number of minor changes.


1) The API for event details now includes a section for information about family members. This is in preparation for an update to the iOS app to allow RSVP'ing for family members, but it could also be used by anyone in the developer program as well.


2) Service hours are now displayed as "X hrs Y min' on manage service stars page (AHG only) instead of using a decimal format.


3) Troop documents are now arranged like one of our interactive "books" with a filter for categories. No more scrolling through all categories! This feature isn't quite ready for Trail Life Troops yet (sorry!).


4) The "show other events" setting on newsletters was confusing, so we've clarified that it means "Include events the recipients are not invited to".


5) One of our users discovered that Meeting Schedules crash if you have more than 260 monthly events, so we've limited it to 250, which should be enough for even the most ambitiously planned calendar!


6) Sending achievement reports by email was failing if the no users with emails were selected. We've fixed this problem and added some feedback to let you know if a problem occurred.


Have a great day!


~ Dave