Second or multiple calendars for Troop? a request

Anyone know how a Troop can have a second or multiple calendars?

I heard in the Cub Scout version the Pack and Dens each have calendars.


As in separate .ics calendars? It doesn’t exist as far as I know. On our pack calendar we can set different events for different dens, but they still all show up on one Internet calendar (.ics). Likewise with our Troop. Individual events can be planned for patrols, but they all show up on the same Internet calendar.

In the Boy Scout version there is only ONE calendar. No Patrol level calenders like a Den has in Cub Scouts.

We get around this by simply creating different event types, one per patrol/den. Then we just make sure when we are creating an event for one particular group, we use that event type.

As long as their calendar view is set to “events I am invited to” on the top, it won’t clutter up the calendar with items for the entire unit or other patrols/dens.

Being able to have separate Den/Patrol ical subscriptions would be a HUGE benefit. Right now, personal calendars fill up with everything regardless if your youth is in that Den or Patrol.

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Our very active, large Troop does create different many events (see below), and the calendar fills up, and not everyone remembers to toggle filtering (by What I’m invited to, All Events, etc.).

Maybe what we need isn’t more calendars… but rather a smarter, more obvious way to filter what applies to me. Maybe a colorful drop down menu instead of icons?


It is hard for me to believe that the Scoutbook can make this work, but TT can’t. It would be a matter of when a Den is created a calendar is created for that Den. The overall Pack calendar aggregates the Dens/Patrols. I have the TT cal integrated on my phone as well as most of our families and there are 6 den meetings a week and only 1 applies to them. It creates calendar clutter. Asking families to use the website is not productive as they already have a calendar on their phone they can use for an instant view.

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