Share calender with another troop

Is there any way to share a calender between troops? We have a combined AHG and trail life troops. It would be great if we could work on the calender in one troop and share it with the other side so they don’t have to enter all the info again.

Why not share the Calendar URLs between all the members of the units, and let them subscribe to them. Their smartphones (or desktop calendars) will “merge” the 2 calendars and they will see one view with all the events on it.

Hi @KarenBatsford,

@roscoevm’s suggestion is a good one. One I had not thought of (kudos).

If you’d like something different, like a setting that allows you to combine calendars, please change the category of this topic to “Ideas”, then we will get a little more feedback from the community and see if this is something a lot of people would like.