Linked Units (Sistering groups)

We are looking for feedback on the idea of units linking or being able to affiliate together and what people would want out of such a situation? With BSA Boy and Girl Troops this is really becoming a need, plus Troops, Packs, Crews, and Ships this could be a useful idea. AHG, Girl Scouts, Trail Life USA would this also be something useful for your group types? What would you like to see in such a linking? As always thanks for the feedback.

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There is definitely benefit to this. There are some functions that would need to remain separate (in my case). Rosters, Calendar, Maybe Money. I will give it some thought. Things I can think of that would be nice to share - ability to add an event to multiple calendars, shared merit badge counselor list. Ability to see total RSVP for a shared calendar event (like Merit Badge Clinic).
what would be awesome and this is probably a different topic, is to create a custom mailing list (for example PLC) and be able to set up a calendar event using the custom mailing list roster instead of scrolling through all the names and adding just the PLC names. This would be great for SO many things - PLC, High Adventure Crews, Patrols, Adult Leader Meetings, etc.