Summary view of the participation book (01/17/2015)

Have you ever wanted to see who had perfect attendance at your meetings or campouts? With the new summary view of the participation book, GOING LIVE RIGHT NOW, it's a breeze. 

All you need to do is go to the participation book (Plan -> Participation Book), then filter by event type, add a date range if you want and click search. Then click on the "Summary" button to see a summary of your results.

Check out the screen shot below to see the results.

What is the difference between “Did not Attend” vs. “Not Recorded”?

When I record attendance for an event, there’s only a single checkbox to denote they attended. Thus, I would expect a “Did not Attend” for an event where attendance was recorded but the Scout was not present and “Not Recorded” for events where attendance has not (yet) been entered at all. However, nearly all absences show as “Not Recorded”.

Is there a way to show absences as “Did not Attend”?

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