Leadership Roles


Is there a way to add custom leadership roles or does it have to be hard coded in the system?

For instance, I’m looking for:

  • Technology Captain
  • First Aid Officer
  • First Aid Assistant

Thank you


I love this idea, as I have boys that are Junior Leaders but this is not an option yet.

They can add what you need. I requested some leadership roles to be added awhile back and they added them for me. You might need to email them.

Thanks for the reply. Any specific email address I should use or the general support email?

I believe just the regular support email address

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I never got any response from TT either through the forum or via email on this.
Meanwhile, the above list has changed and I’d be surprised if we are the only pack with additional functions… are we?

Hi @NicolasRietsch,

I’d be more than happy to help you get your leadership roles into the system. When did you first email support? Could I ask you to re-email support@trooptrack and I will make sure to keep an eye out for it, get a support ticket going for it, and get this all squared away for you.

Hope that helps,