Paypal payments to account vs. for events needs to be split

OK so thought I was going crazy when I saw people making payments using the troop account. I realize now what is happening. When they pay for an event with paypal, it goes directly to the troop account, then the default is for the troop account to pay for the event. Unfortunately what this does is bypass the scout account and doesn’t allow the proper tracing showing the scout paid for the event from their scout account. I would like to recommend you have 2 separate options 1) Allow payment from paypal to the scout account 2) Allow payment of event fees from paypal. This would allow the scouts/parents to still use paypal to put money into their individual account, but not use paypal for event fees bypassing the accounting system.


Hi @PhillipKivel,

You can pay via PayPal/Stripe or with scout accounts for event fees. If you would like to add money to a scout account with PayPal, the scout or parent must go to the scout’s profile, press the “Money” tab, click “Make Deposit”, enter and amount, and then press submit and it will take you to PayPal to add that money to the scout account.


I understand how this works and what you replied. Issue is you have it as an all or nothing. My request is to seperate the settings option to allow them to not use PayPal to pay for an event but still use it to put money in their account.

Oh, I see. So you do not want users to pay with events using PayPal, but you do want them to be able to use PayPal to put money in individual accounts.

Got it.

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Matt this is similar to a suggestion that I believe @sgaines has made that I supported. The thought process is that you pay more of the Paypal/TroopTrack $0.55 fees if you pay event by event. So if you only allow PayPal/Stripe for deposits, parents can put in larger amounts at a time and keep their fees down a bit. I also think there may be benefits in that the accounting may look a bit cleaner. @PhillipKivel is that what you are thinking? Here is Scott’s idea Limit Credit Card Payments to Scout Fund Only

Stevehassenzahl, thank you for the support but completely different issue. Our system is set up for individual accounts for each scout, each parent, and a troop account for proper tracking. I have allowed permission for people to use paypal (I also set up the fees so they are paying them). We aren’t concerned with the fees, issue with current set up is we want parents to be able to use paypal to put money in their accounts. They shouldn’t be able to pay event fees with paypal because it will add the amount to the troop account, then pay the amount from the troop account. Unfortunately if you go into an event and look at the “payments made” by allowing the paypal payment it doesn’t show the money coming out of the individual account which is what needs to happen for proper tracking. Right now the system will only allow both pay to their account and/or events, you can’t allow only for pay to their account.

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We just noticed a similar issue. We are having trouble following the money. It would be easier if all money went through the scout accounts and not through the troop account.

On a similar but separate note, when a scout withdraws from an event and is given a refund, the funds are returned but the refund is not recorded. This is problematic because the scout or parent don’t know if the money was refunded.


James, and others. I have perfected a formula to use and how to set up trooptrack for proper tracking of both individual and the main troop account in one. This will work with any number, but we personally have 1 bank account for everything, and in trooptrack we have approx 60 individual accounts and 1 troop account. Ours is balanced to the penny every few days (can’t beat that for irs purposes) . If interested email me your contact info I am happy to help get you set up and send you the formula sheet.

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Phillip, I would very much like to get the formula and tools you developed. Can you just email them to me at