Paypal Event Payments tracking needed in Scout Account

I need a better way to track PayPal Payments for Events, or someone to tell me what I am doing wrong. I am about to lose another Treasurer because they don’t have the time or patience to follow the money in TroopTrack and keep up with the PayPal transactions.

When a Scout/Parent pays for an event using their Scout Account an entry goes into the View Payments Page, their SA and the Troop Acct. But when we use PayPal for the event there are no entries in the SA just the View Payments and the Troop Acct. Parent’s have no visibility to the Troop Acct or the View Payments page. If there is an issue their only record is the Paypal email, nothing in Trooptrack (that they can see).

Our treasurer was been manually updating the Scout Accounts for each event to add the Paypal Transactions, in addition to the parents that forget to RSVP/Pay or that pay with cash/check.

Ideally, we would like everything to show up in the Scout’s Account even if they are not using it to pay, for accounting purposes. This is how we were running the troop’s money before we went to online accounts and payments.

Alternatively, If I could turn off PayPal payments for Events but keep it for deposits into the Scout Account that would solve my problem by focusing things through the SAs. But this has previous been suggested and has been stagnant for 3 years (Limit Credit Card Payments to Scout Fund Only - #15 by Stevehassenzahl)

Hi @JessicaSteimel,

Any paypal payment should already be recording in the scout account. What paid event recently happened in your Troop? That way I can take a look further at this issue.


David Keener

I’ve attached screenshots of the payment I had to track down this week for a Michigan High Adventure Commitment. Transactions were on 4/14/21.

Jessica Steimel

HI @JessicaSteimel,

When paying with PayPal I’m seeing that the payment is getting recorded in the users Scout Account. It will have an order number and that order number shows which account the payment is from and where it’s going.

If you click on “view all payments” (on that event), and scroll down to the order number (it looks like Pat did the PayPal transaction).

You can click on that order number, and you’ll be taken to a screen that looks like this:

This is a breakdown of that order. On the “payment method” it says “transfer from” and the money account. The money account is in blue, and you can click on that (it’s Riley’s account) and you’ll be taken to his account.

That’s what his account looks like, and it shows the order number from PayPal and who did that order.

If I wanted to shorten this process I could just click on “manage”, “money”, “accounts”, and go to Riley’s account. There I can see this order number is the very first transaction that shows up on his account. All PayPal transactions will look similar to this, and have the transaction number on them.


David Keener