Achievement report privileges

As our pack committee chair/TroopTrack admin I am able to view a concise achievement report that I can filter on different dens by clicking Manage -> Reports -> Achievement Report. I’d love for my den leaders to be able to run this, but they don’t even see the Reports menu underneath Manage. They have what seems to be a set of privileges that would give them access to this:

Access Level Patrol/Den
Edit achievement records Edit user achievement records
Manage events Create, edit, and delete events
Upload photos Create photo albums and upload photos. Users with this privilege can only delete photos they uploaded.

Looking through the list of privileges I don’t see anything like “reports” that would let them do this. Is there something I’m missing?


Charlie Penner
Pack 14

Hmm, this is really weird. The ONLY way for someone to have access to “reports” is not by adding a privilege but by setting access level to “Troop”. I could NOT figure out what privilege was giving me but not my unit leaders access to reports, until I tried just changing their access level and sure enough, Reports showed up without any other privilege being added. And to make sure, I just tested someone with NO privileges, and Troop access; he could indeed see Reports.

Clearly, if someone with a lesser access level could see a report listing EVERYBODY, that wouldn’t necessarily be a good thing. But rather not give them access to any report data, couldn’t it just include the people they do have access to?

My unit leader wanted to see a list of what grades each of her unit girls are in. But she can’t access the “Girls By Grade” custom report unless I give her troop access!

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Hi @schwammrs,

The reason that someone with access level Troop can view reports with no privileges being added is because someone with Troop level access will be able to access all that information that’s in the reports anyways. For example they can see someone’s hiking miles on that person’s account with Troop level access, so by giving them access to reports as well it makes it easy for them to see everybody’s hiking miles rather than going through each person’s profile individually.

From you suggestion I understand you would like it so people with unit access can access reports for their units?

I will get that over to our tech team to see if that’s possible.

Sorry for the long wait time,

David Keener

Hi @Keener-Trooptrack,

Can I piggyback on this request? Another “report” that would be very helpful for our troop was if everyone could see the shopping list based on their Access level.

It is always very complicated when it is time to place our badge order, because families cannot see a concise list of what is on the shopping list except the Troop Purchaser. (Yes, there is the Achievements tab, but…)

If families could see what was on the shopping list for their Households, they could make sure nothing was missing. If unit leaders could see which girls were and were not going to receive badges that were completed during unit meetings, that would help them see if there were any mistakes, or give them the opportunity to alert a family that requirements were missing and needed to be done at home.

Please let me know if I should open a new thread with this request. :slight_smile: I think I have asked for this somewhere else, too, but this sounded like maybe it could be lumped in with access to Reports. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hi @mwestcott1,

If you want parents to be able to see the shopping list, you can give them the “Manage Awards” privilege. That will allow them to go to Achieve > Shopping List and see exactly which badges are showing up on the list. Currently this shopping list includes everything for the troop. I can talk to our tech team about filtering this list depending on access level.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to give parents the “manage awards” privilege, you can have them go to the profile of each girl and pull up their achievement tab. Awards on the achievement tab that have a “completed on” field but nothing in the “awarded on” spot are what they would need to look for.

Hopefully that helps a bit,

For our BSA Troop I was able to see this information from Achieve Merit Badge Book. I logged in as my wife who have Household Level and Manage own outside participation and Upload photos Privileges. She can go to Achieve, Merit Badge Book, then select Completed - Complete, and Awarded - Not Awarded, she then gets a list of all of the Merit Badges for our three kids that they have earned but are not marked as awarded. Is there a similar Badge Book for your Group type? It is not a single click download but it does get the very specific information they need for any and all kids in their household.


Hi all,

We’ve added the feature of being able to view reports by unit level, so now if you have unit level access you can view reports for your unit. An example is shown below of me in the Patriot Unit, having unit level access, and viewing a custom users report of service hours for the patriots.


David Keener

This is great! Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to explain how to get that information. It worked! I am happy now that our parents can (relatively) easily find this information. Or at the least, the unit leaders can send it to the parents.

For AHG users, this is how to get around the shopping list access problem:

  1. Achieve > Badge Book
  2. Filter by Unit or Member
  3. Set Completed? to Complete
  4. Set Awarded? to Not Awarded