Linked Troop Configuration

I think it would be really awesome if y’all could figure out some magic for BSA linked troops. The ability to have one calendar, one RSVP list, one equipment inventory, one easy way to email all families, etc while still being able to import and export achievements and rosters would make the lives of many people I know so much easier.

I know from a dev side this isn’t the easiest request, so I’ll throw out some potential solutions:
-when you make an export file, a check box that will only pull kids by patrol
-an extra demographic option where you can add multiple sub-troops (perhaps you only see it via Troop setting?) and assign folks via troop. then when you go export a file, you choose a sub-troop

Thanks for considering!


Great suggestions.

We are currently working on a solution for syncing with the BSA ( IA 2.0 / Scoutbook ). We have a way to sync TO council, but not a way to sync FROM council. Our dev team is currently working on the latter part. We are close. We will keep you updated.

You extra suggestions are great and I have passed them along.