Log committee meeting minutes in troop track

We have active troop with monthly committee meetings. I would like to suggest a feature to record meeting minutes against a meeting type of Committee so we can record and publish minutes from the meeting to the troop. Essentially:

As a Troop Secretary, I want to record committee meeting minutes in troop track so that we can have a running history of our committee meeting minutes and help provide transparency of the committee to the rest of the troop.


My secretary just takes notes and then downloads the documents to the Unit documents under share. We made a new heading called committee minutes.


I created a new “main” web page in TroopTrack to collect every meeting’s minutes. Every meetings minutes is then a sub-page. For fun, I maintain an index to those pages from the “main” meeting-minute page.

It’s not a lot of extra work…

Taking notes on a pad, scanning them in, and uploading them to Trooptrack in “Pack Documents” is also a good way of doing it. You could setup a category called “meeting minutes” to easily get a list of all of them. Put the date of the meeting in the name of the uploaded file and it will sort in date order then… “2016Aug16-Meeting Minutes”… “2016Aug23-Meeting Minutes” etc.

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