Troop Track link to facebook?

Is there a way to link Troop Track to a personal and/or group facebook account so events can be seen there as well? It would also be great to have achievements posted as they are completed as well. Sam with pictures as they are uploaded/shared on Troop Track.


I know that AHG severely limits what info we can post to things like FB, not sure this would fly with them.


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I used to have this capability in Scoutlink. It is particularly useful when one posts notifications, announcements etc, as most people “live” in FB…well at least the parents do any way.

I like this idea. it would make notifications to unit parents easier. I know it is more likely for them to see a facebook post then take the time to log into trooptrack regularly.

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I like this idea specifically because there is always a vocal minority that don’t log into TroopTrack and somehow miss emails. Having an optional checkbox that would cross-post an event to the pack/troop FaceBook group through the FaceBook API would be very useful.

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I would also greatly appreciate this feature. Having this would allow me to automatically import an event to the troop’s Facebook page without having to copy and paste all the details.
I like that with Facebook I can advertise for events that are open to the public, or dependent on them such as fundraisers.