Sports pins

Where are the sports pin achievements viewed? I know where to record progress for an individual, but, for example, in advancement overview, it doesn’t show a record of an individuals progress. How do I see sports pin acheivement records?

You should be able to find this under the girl’s name -> achievements -> Other .The sports pins pop up under other so that you can edit them. Hope that helps!

Is there a way to run a report so that these pins and discs are awarded? without going into each member individually?

If you go into Achieve -> Present Awards it will show you all the awards that have been completed. From that screen you can recognize them, show them as purchased, and check them marked off as awarded. If you want to narrow it down to just the sports pins, put “Sports Pin” in the search box above the list of awards. It saves us a TON of time to do that when we have our big awards ceremonies on Dedication Night and Court of Awards. Last year at COA we handed out over a 1,000 awards to nearly 100 girls. If it weren’t for that beautiful feature, I think my advancement coordinator and I would have lost our minds…