Martial Arts Sports Pin for AHG Missing?

I went to enter an AHG girl’s progress for her Martial Arts sports pin, but I see it doesn’t exist here. Will it be added or do I need to create a custom award for this?

Hi Julie,

We do have the Martial Arts sports pin entered into our database. There might be a few reasons why you aren’t seeing it:

  1. The scout you are trying to add it to already has it added to their profile

  2. Your troop does not have this award active. To check go to Settings :gear: > Manage Active Achievements and make sure it is checked.

If you are still unable to see it, please let me know and I can take a further look into this for you.


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Wow. Thank you so much. I knew nothing about the “Manage Active Achievements” feature. There are so many listed there that were unchecked for us. Problem solved. I really appreciate the help and quick response.

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