Looking for Online payments

Our Troop is ready to take the plunge and use online payments for our first event. Looking on TroopTrack help section it looks like I am supposed to find online payment settings under Manage->Settings->Online Payments. Only I don’t see that in my menu selections. Has this been moved? Am I missing something? I found the page by putting “online payments” in the Power Search in the top right. But I am wondering if the menu structure is broken or something? Or has it just moved and I am not seeing it?

I see it on my site. I wonder if your permissions may need changed?

That sounded like it might be it. I am the person who set up TroopTrack and does the advancement so I thought I had all privileges. I checked and I have Unit level but I had one privilege “unchecked”. That was “view all money accounts”. I checked that but it didn’t make a difference. I am wondering if it is because we have not yet set up online payments. Which seems reasonable only if you want to set it up, as I do, you need to find it to be able to do that.

Hmm that is strange! I hope someone from Troop Track has a better answer for you!

Got it! When I set up TroopTrack our Troop was clear they wanted to focus on advancement first. Thus I set the selection for “Use TroopTrack to track your troop’s finances?” under “Manage->Settings->Edit Troop Settings->TroopTrack Settings” to “No”. Now when I changed this setting to “Yes” the menu selection appears.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Ahhh I didn’t think about that setting. Glad you got it figured out!