Using Paypal on TroopTrack

Ok I still unable to use Paypal on Trooptrack which is frustrating. Now unable to even add the paypal button which we have done in the past but the html feature not available on the Calendar Event feature. Isn’t there an easy way to get CC payments from our members?

This is the most frustrating thing for our Troop in using TroopTrack. We want payments to be easy to receive for activities, campouts and summer camps. Only reason we’ve even considered switching to ScoutBook.

Wish this would get fixed.

Hi Deanna, I’m going to ask @Sam to take a look at your account and see what is going on there. Were you using our PayPal event integration or manually adding a PayPal button in your event description?

We were adding a button. It is now working so I guess someone looked at it. Sorry I didn’t respond back very quickly.


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