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Here is the requirement I am trying to solve. Our troop has both boys and girls. Although we shame the same administration and committee, the events are not always the same. Because of this, I would like to set up one email list for the boys and one for the girls. The problem is that we have 5 boys patrols and 2 girls patrols, and having to always select each patrol for emails (and events) is very cumbersome and inefficient. A solution I would love to have is the ability to create my own magic list where I can just add the girls patrols to the girls email list and the boys patrols to the boys email lists. I do not believe this currently exists. Is there any solution to this? What are other Troops with both a boys and girls unit doing?


I am not particularly clear on the differences between them, but have you considered Custom Mailing Lists? They can be used for populating event invitees and setting e-mail recipients. Our troop uses them to pull the unit subset of children expecting to “level” at the end of the current program year (among other things) but I believe they can be constructed across unit boundaries as well. As the lists change, the future events open to each list updates as well. So a newly added “boy” would show up as an invitee to your “boy” events.

Hi @Firebuilders404,

For this you would want to create your own custom mailing list with those users in it. Magic mailing lists are system generated and automatically updated lists. If there’s a list that isn’t working for you, or you have special circumstances, then it’s best to make your own custom mailing lists. Here’s how to do that.


David Keener

Thank you for the response. It is my understanding that I am only able to add individuals to custom mailing lists, not a unit. So this lacks that extra capability the magic mailing list offers. This means anytime a new scout joins and is added to a patrol, I have to remember to add that scout to that mailing list (since it is not done automatically like it would with the magic mailing list).

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You are correct Custom Mailing lists are manual and would need to be updated. I would suggest you categorize this thread as an Idea, make the pitch for why you think it could help and then see if others are interested. If so it is possible the TT dev team could look into the option.
My two cents on the idea, I don’t see that this is really that needed, it doesn’t seem that cumbersome to me to select the appropriate Patrols. We do have many and I have never thought about it taking too much time to select the ones I need.

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