Search for Trainings and consistent naming

Continuing the discussion from Search for Training:

Would like to see the ability to do a sub-string search for trainings. As a leader of a Cub Scout pack, it takes far too long to scan through each and every training that’s in the list, due to the way the trainings are sorted.

Some trainings have the course code at the beginning of the name. Others don’t. And because of the sorting, I can’t figure out whether the training is even listed in the Trooptrack system - and by extension, can’t decide whether to post a request in the community forums to add the training we need.

The search feature would give us the ability to type in any string, to find the training we are looking for. It may even help to revise the names of the trainings, so that the course-codes are at the end of the name – this way, trainings with no course code will still sort nicely with those that do have them.

Thanks for your time. Please :hearts: this post if you agree!



It would be great if all the AHG trainings had “AHG” at the beginning so that they would be grouped together in the list. E.g., “KEYS for Child’s Safety” would be “AHG KEYS for Child’s Safety.”

Could do the same for BSA, and other organizations that use TT.

Even if there are some duplicate trainings listed (e.g., AHG and BSA use the 5 year background check, it would be preferable to have two different training courses listed - “AHG Background Check - 5 years” and “BSA Background Check - 5 years”).

Another examples is First Aid. I have First Aid training in my account, but I took the First Aid/ CPR/ AED class through Amreican Red Cross. Should my account show “First Aid” as the training class, or “First Aid: CPR, AED” or “Red Cross First Aid”?

I am also overwhelmed by the # of training courses, and I know probably 75% of them don’t apply to our AHG troop.