Merit badge counselors list needs an access Privilege

I’m posting this here as a fresh topic as i replied to an old post and i don’t think anyone will see it.

The advancement coordinator just filled out our MBC list in trooptrack. One of the troop members that has a district level position in scouts sent an email noting that scouts should NOT be allowed to have access to the MBC per guidelines. Can this be made into a privilege so that the guidelines are followed?

I found they were correct based on the guidelines documentation: PAGE 48 Web-Based Counselor Lists
Online counselor lists present a number of challenges.
They should only be placed on official council websites
that conform to the National Council guidelines at
Give attention to protecting counselor privacy. Limit
access to those who have merit badge–related
responsibilities, such as advancement committee
members and chairs, or unit leaders and selected
assistants. Scouts should not have access. Their
interaction with the Scoutmaster in discussing work
on a badge, and obtaining a counselor’s name,
is an important part of the merit badge plan. Unit Counselor Lists
Units may establish their own lists of counselors, who
may or may not opt to work with youth in other units. This
may be necessary in wide geographic areas. It can also
be helpful to have ready counselors for the most popular
badges. Recognize, however, that Scouts learn from the
perspectives of counselors outside their own troop. Note
that all merit badge counselors, including those serving
only one unit, must be registered and be approved by the
council (or district, if authorized) advancement committee.
Due to concerns about merit badge counselor privacy,
and since Scouts should receive the names and contact
information from the Scoutmaster, unit counselor lists
should not be made available to Scouts online.


I’m not sure where a youth might be able to see your MBC list. I tested it out and my youth accounts cannot see the MBC tab and do not have access to any reports that might list them.

What path are you taking (through a youth account) to see these?

Some of our yth have unit access as they are key plc positions

I would like to hear some feedback from some other users on this. I don’t know many troops who give their scouts unit access, so I’d like to hear a bit more from the community.

It’s the only way my troop guides can access the younger patrols rank
status to help them, quartermasyers inventory and email accordingly, scribe
and webmaster update events and minutes of mtg s etc,
When we do youth led we do youth led. Each position has an adult advisor
with corresponding position on the committee

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I just changed my sons account down to Self and NO other privileges and he could still see the merit badge counselor list under Manage->Member->Merit Badge Counselors. We are using the full headers, not slim, if that makes a difference.
Email is set to NOT be restricted if that matters. I don’t see any other settings that would look like they have any bearing on seeing the list

I’ve put it on the developer list.


Thanks for getting it on the list. Not sure how to do it other than a option to deny/allow youth access to the MBC list.

Is there any sense of when this access issue may be addressed? We recently discovered that Scouts have this access, and we agree that they should not. Counselors should be provided to the Scout by the Scoutmaster.

This issue has been fixed. Scouts can no longer see the MBC list, per BSA policy. :slight_smile: