Mandatory Subdomains (02/04/2016)

We released a lot of changes this morning and one of them is a major change. Here's the rundown of this morning's release:

MAJOR CHANGE: Subdomains are now mandatory whenever you are using TroopTrack. That sounds kind of ominous, but it is going to be very helpful in lots of ways.

We introduced support for subdomains in TroopTack several years ago and it has been very popular. In case you don't know, a subdomain allows you to have a url that is specific to your unit, such as

Last year we added support for using one login to access multiple units (i.e. a pack and a troop, or a BSA troop and an AHG troop, etc). This has also been well-recieved, but these two features have resulted in some complexity and caused some problems that we don't like. The two biggest problems were:

- Subdomains don't actually determine which troop you are accessing. You can go to for example, and if you are logged in it will still show you data for your troop. We think this is confusing.

- If you click a link in an email, such as to RSVP for an event it will sometimes result in a "Not Found" error. This happens if you are using our multi-troop feature and you are currently looking at a unit that is not the unit the link is for.

Fixing these problems has been high on our list because they were preventing us from adding other features we are excited about, like allowing users to RSVP to events without logging in.

Here's how we fixed it:

All interaction with your unit will happen via the subdomain. If you go to and log in, it will redirect you to the subdomain of your unit if you belong to only one unit. If you belong to more than one unit, it will ask you to choose a unit and then will redirect you to the subdomain of the unit you choose.

We also updated all emails with links in them to include the subdomain in the links.

We also released a ton of minor fixes, but I'm going to post them separately because this post is already a novella.