Full Domain Name Support

Continuing the discussion from Redirecting a domain name to troop tracks and making this an idea:

It would be great if TroopTrack supported full domain names, not just subdomains. In other words, rather than the site resolving to samplepack1234.trooptrack.com, it would resolve to samplepack1234.org and all pages on the site would have the pack’s domain name in the URL bar of the browser.

This would make bookmarking and sharing easier and also reduce confusion. We would be happy to pay a one-time fee for an SSL certificate in order to make this work. This would also positively impact email addresses - so we could seamlessly use "leaders@samplepack1234.org" (and addresses for other leadership positions) rather than having to set up clunky email forwards to the trooptrack.email email server. While I was not a big fan of SOAR, this is one of the areas they handled quite nicely (when registering our domain, we simply pointed the DNS servers over to SOAR’s and their system took care of mapping web and email).


I second the motion!

I agree. We are working on branding our Troop and Pack in the local area. The Pack and Troop have separate TroopTrack accounts. Having “trooptrack” in all correspondence is undermining our mission. Plus, we have many individuals who are members of both the troop and pack, causing confusion about which account announcements are sent from.

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My troop has a domain through Godaddy and email support (kraig@troop1234.org) through Google Apps. I simply canceled our web hosting and pointed the domain to our trooptrack address.
By doing it this way visitors do see the trooptrack website in the address bar, but I can still give out troop1234.org as our website as it has been for years.
If you have questions about how to set this up just let me know.

We also have our domain set to redirect to our Troop Track public page and that works well because it is a short enough domain name I can say it and someone will will remember packxx.org

I too would like to see full domain name support. it would be nice and clean to have all the pages appear as it is one site. sub pages like packxx.org/signup and packxx.org/popcorn would be handy too.

I have no idea what it would take to accomplish this but I think our unit would be willing to pay an extra fee either once or annually (in addition to our domain which we pay now) to implement this. the name recognition, branding and elimination of confusion would be worth it.