Medical Forms

This may be answered already but I can’t find it. Which privilege allows parents to view and print the medical forms uploaded to profiles in their household? I’ve granted manage and view files, but they still can’t see them.

Hi @areel,

I do not recommend you give this privilege to parents. To view the medical forms you will need “Manage Troop Members”.

No, we don’t want parents to have that access, but they should be able to access their own information.

Please consider adding medical forms and all files on a profile to household access.

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I “second this motion” from @areel. Families should be able to see their own med form dates to encourage “self regulation” for updating their forms in a timely manner. This feature was available in SOAR (our previous website), and even turned the dates red when they were expired. We have an organization of over 200 people and are getting ready to go on a campout… a lot of phone calls and emails just to communicate expired med forms and get them collected.

Summarized and additional enhancement requests regarding updated and expired med forms:

  • Ability for family members to view personal/family med form dates in their own profiles (disallowed viewing of non-family - summarized for this thread. However, med form dates is not personal information and does not violate HIPAA, so ability to see this metadata is not a big concern. Storage of actual med forms, however, IS personal information and a HIPAA concern.)
  • Ability to generate a list of expired med forms or med forms older than X date (previously submitted in a separate thread)
  • Include a Newsletter feature that alerts a family when family med forms are either expired or will expire within 30 days

Any update on this topic? It’s putting a huge burden on a very few to manage forms when parents should be the ones to do this. It’s also forcing me to give more access than is necessary or safe.