Membership Dues via Paypal?

So, I’ve setup our TroopTrack settings to use Paypal for event registration fees.

But, it’s not clear to me on how I can use Paypal to accept Membership Dues – has anyone got any examples of how that might work? I’ve been thinking to setup a single, annual “Registration Event” and just add new members to it as they sign-up, and let them use that to pay the “membership due” as an “event fee.”

Is there another or better way of doing this?


Hi @njmike,

The way you described is a perfectly valid way of handling it.

Make sure you go to Manage > Settings > Online Payments and have “Allow members to pay fees with individual money accounts?” turned off because that will make you use money accounts instead of redirecting the users to paypal to pay for the event/dues.

Another way of handling it is to use the money accounts feature and have the parents deposit money to their child’s account using paypal and then using either individual or bulk transactions to mark that money as dues and transfer it to the troop account.

Thanks for asking!

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Two follow up questions/comments:

  1. What do you mean @mlsully2002 by “Another way of handling it is to use the money accounts feature…”? Is there a way for a parent to make a deposit against an individual account? I tried to find this, couldn’t.

  2. Our troop wants to use integrated accounting to allow members to pay campout fees with individual money accounts, but NOT allow members to pay annual dues with individual money accounts (there are potential IRS issues with this since annual dues are a “typical family obligation to be a member of scouting”). So ideally, there would be an option on the Event record itself to turn OFF the “allow members to pay with individual money accounts” so that we can use an Event to collect membership dues.

  1. You can go to Manage > Money Create a Bulk Transaction, “No”, “Debit”, enter the amount of dues, in the description put something like “Dues 2016” or something, enter the date, click all the youth accounts, and “Save”, then submit. Now each scout has a charge on their account for dues. If someone pays with cash or a check, it’s easy to go in and input a transaction for the amount of the cash or check to bring the balance back to zero. Otherwise, a parent can log in, click their name > Your Profile and go to the Money tab, and press “Make Deposit”. This will allow them to add money via PayPal or Stripe to their accounts. A parent will also be able to go into their child’s account and add money to their account as well.

  2. The above method should help you keep those separated. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Is there somewhere I need to connect my PayPal account with trooptrack? I found one place where I enter my PayPal email, but that does not seem like a complete connection to PayPal. And is there a way to set up some sort of invoice for the dues? Or am I just creating a bulk transaction? How do my families see this bulk transaction? Does it show up as an email?

Hi @WilliamHare,

The email address is all you need in Manage > Settings > Online Payments to get PayPal set up.

For dues you can either create an even just for dues and require payment to RSVP or you can create a bulk transaction and charge all accounts. For the email to go out, please go to Communicate > Newsletter Settings and turn on the newsletter. That will include info for amounts owed if you go the bulk transaction path. If you create an event, the email that goes out with that can detail what is owed.