Signing Up with PayPal and Stripe

Hello everyone,

We are looking at accepting credit cards and PayPal payments. This is a first for us.

I went out to and PayPal to sign up and have a couple of quick questions-

  1. stripe- Personal data used for setting up the account. I can use my information, but what happens if I were to leave the troop, can this information be changed? What is my liability for signing up?

  2. PayPal- Do troops use a generic " email address, or does the email address have to belong to a person?

Finally, how much work does taking credit cards/paypal add to the treasurer?



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Sam, thanks for the “wall of text”. You clarified some things for me. :):):slight_smile:

Thank you for clarifying that we can use either Stripe or Paypal. I saw in the original documentation that was the case and that Dave was hoping to resolve the issue. Thanks again for the clarification.

I understand there will be 2 transactions for credit cards. 1) Paying for the event (deposit) and 2) transaction fee being paid (credit). I am curious to know how other units handle the transaction fees. Do they transfer money from the scout account to pay for the transaction fees, or is there some other method? I am imagining lots of small transaction fees scattered throughout the various accounts.

Just to be sure I am understanding, I am thinking we will be creating a separate troop account for each outing. We will update the account information in the event details when we create the outing. Do you know if anything else needs to be done on either the Paypal end or Stripe end to ensure the payment lands in the correct Troop account?

Finally, do you have a screenshot of what the transaction looks like in TT for either a Paypal or Stripe payment.

Apologies, if I am over thinking this :):):slight_smile:

Thank you for all the assistance,


Sam, I recently posted in another thread on this subject but a short answer is that we found paypal unworkable as curently Structured in trooptrack since the fees can’t be assigned to the scout without a manual transaction- unless, of course, the troop is willing to absorb the fees. If everyone is using PayPal that might work but we have a mix of PayPal, scout account, and checks. Troop track currently can’t handle that without significant manual transactions.


Thanks for the response Andy,

Have you considered using Stripe, or are you in the same position regardless if it’s Paypal or Stripe?

My fear is we will have several transaction fees that we will have to apply to scout accounts, making this lots of work. Is there a way to tell what transaction fee goes to which scout? I can see there being multiple amounts of transaction fees, as 1 scout signs up compared to multiple scouts in a family signing up.

We could increase the cost of the event to cover the processing fee, but what about the scouts that pay without a credit card?

Is it possible to allow PayPal/Stripe to only be used to fund the scout account, and not pay for events?




It is a little confusing how to control the payments. As best as I can recall, If you require payment for an event it will force an online payment and won’t allow scout account credit; if you allow payment from scout account it will not force a payment and will allow the scout account to go negative; you may be able to allow deposits to only the scout account with PayPal, I don’t recall. If so, you will still have the problem of negative scout accounts to deal with.

Hopefully, someone reform TroopTrack can shed some definitive light on the subject.

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Hi Andy,

I have signed up for Stripe, and played around with it for a bit. Currently, Stripe was only available to add funds to a scout account. There was no button to pay for an event with Stripe. Personally, I like the way it is set up, with only the ability to add funds to a scout account.

Basically, when adding funds by credit card, a popup box appears with a message there is a .25 fee. My $2 deposit actually cost me $2.25. After posting, there was a .37 transaction fee in my primary account from Stripe to process the credit card transaction. A $2 deposit was in my scout account. $2.00-.37 = $1.63 deposit into the checking account.

There is the potential for lots of processing fees in the register of the account you tell Stripe to use for processing fees.

I looked on Stripe and the transaction amount was $2.25- .62 (fees .25+.37) for a total of $1.63 deposit into the checking account. This deposit takes a few days to process.

I hope this makes sense. I can post some screenshots if you’d like.