Memo & Receipt # in the TT Money

Is it possible to enter a “Memo” section in the TT Money? It is quite often that we need to note something about a family’s account that we have no place to place it. Currently we use the Payee section to place notes which often is a little confusing. Our parents also pay in cash and we hand out receipts for those cash payments. Right now, that receipt number also goes in the Payee section. We’d love to see a “Memo” and “Receipt Number” section added!

Our use of TT Money is a little different. We don’t use it to track all our finances as our budget is way to detailed for that. But we do use it to track charges and payments to and from our families. With one treasurer and 3 other different people entering charges and payments for families, it can get a little confusing when we start putting all our extra information in the Payee section. It is easier for my treasurer to pull reports based on categories, which is how we help her keep us on track.