Merge two members after TurboNet import?

We tried to import our roster since we have a number of new members. Instead of matching, it duplicated ALL of them. How can I select two accounts and merge them?

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Hi @toddskiles,

One of our developers had this to say about your problem:

“The easiest way to merge members like that is to delete the duplicates, correct whichever problem caused the duplication (mismatched names or is numbers) and redo the import.”

Let me know if you need any further assistance.

Thank you!

Is there any plan to have the system ask the user if they want the person added during the import? When we remove a scout (either they leave or age out), it keeps recreating them during the import and I have to keep deleting them.

I worry about deleting someone accidentally that shouldn’t be deleted.

I keep trying to do this for one of my scouts that is duplicated in our system (Jaxson Backes) and it keeps duplicating him. I actually have a handful of them that are duplicated, but I’ve been using Jaxson as the test account. Our tiger den leader already has all of his advancement items recorded under an account we manually created at the beginning of the year. Now his official BSA account is importing from ScoutNet as a duplicate.

I’ve double checked the name spelling, added the middle name to the manual account because that was in the BSA record, I don’t see any other differences. Yet, I delete the BSA account from the “Unassigned” group, re-run the import hoping it will merge into his den account, but it just keeps duplicating in ‘Unassigned’…

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

So you have entered the correct BSA ID in the existing scout profile? If not, that will solve the problem. That’s an option in the scout’s profile under “Registration Info.”

I did not… I will try that.

Thanks for the quick response!

That did prevent it from making a duplicate account. I notice though that some of the info that was on the BSA imported account earlier, such as his home address, did not merge into his existing record in the den. I don’t see a field that I can copy that info before I delete/import for the others. Is there a way to have all of that info import into his record in our system?

The address may be a separate thing because addresses are associated with households and not individual members. You may try removing the address and importing again to see if it fills it in, but I’m not sure so be sure to save the deleted address somewhere.

So I see what it did. There are duplicate households in the system. One we created manually when we set him up, and the second imported from ScoutNet. What’s the best way to fix this?

  1. Manually add him to the imported household and delete the old household?
  2. Delete both households and re-run the import?
  3. Something else?


Any of those are fine. Up to you.

Trying to solve this puzzle… I tried copy/pasting the ID number of his mom to the account we manually created for her, and deleting her BSA imported account, in hopes that when I re-ran the import, the household info (home address) would then populate into her account that we set up.

It did not. Additionally, the originally imported household that came from the BSA system must have deleted when I deleted her user account, so now I don’t have the address at all in my system anymore.

So I’ve got duplicated parent accounts, households, and scouts. What is the best way to merge all of this together and preserve the data without having to manually copy everything from account to account?

The problem with touching anything to do with the user account we manually created for her, is her TT login is tied to that account. If I get rid of that, then she no longer has a login and I have to resend her the registration email. That’s not ideal.