New AHG badges not appearing

I recorded badge work two weeks ago for All God’s Children Pi/Pa and had no problem using the “Record Progress (Bulk)” option. I just went in to record additional work and now it is not appearing in the list. I also can’t find it in the Record Individual Progress list. I only see the 2016 badges for almost all of the badges. I confirmed that the old and new badges are selected under Manage Active Achievements. I also confirmed that this issue exists in another troop so I suspect it is a bug. Can you please investigate? Many thanks!

Hi Julie,

With your first Patriot selected I was able to find the All God’s children award.

You’ll need to make sure that it’s being put on a girl who doesn’t already have it at 100% in order to see it in the list of available awards.


David Keener

I just refreshed and the badge is still not appearing. None of our Pioneers and Patriots have earned this badge so it should be showing. I see the Tenderheart and Explorer option, but not the Pi/Pa option. I am, however, seeing the 2016 badge option but that is not the one I need.