Missing Religious Awards

My Troop is an Eastern Orthodox Christian troop, and as i was going to add in religious awards, I find that our faith’s awards are not included.

They are: (From http://www.eocs.org/ - the Eastern Orthodox Committee on Scouting)

“St. George Award” (Cub Scout)
“Chi-Rho Award” (Webelos Scout)
“Alpha Omega Award” (Boy Scout)

I don’t know if you track Adult Religious Awards, if so, the Adult one is the “Prophet Elias Award”.

Thank you,
John Holder

Hi @jholder,

Go to Manage > Settings > Custom Awards to add these awards.


Should then the Protestant and Catholic, etc one be removed and all be custom for all Troops? It seems odd to not pre-include all religious awards (Hindu and Muslim awards are not there as well by default either in TroopTrack I notice, probably others… yet all these awards are printed in modern scout books…) when belief in a higher power is required to be an Eagle Scout.

Hi @jholder,

We have no problem adding those as defaults to the system. It costs time and money for us to do this. If you know of other TroopTrack users who would like these achievements added as defaults, have them post their support here. It needs to impact many people in a positive way for us to justify the time and money.

Thanks for understanding!