PRAY: BIBLE BASICS RP3 Religious Awards

We had a girl transfer to our troop from another troop in a different state. Her TroopTrac account followed with her and she has listed in her records a Religious Award: PRAY: Bible Basics RP3 - Birds of the Air. There are a number of these awards a girl can do. She just recently earned another one but I don’t see these awards listed under my options for Religious Awards.

I know I can make a custom award to force it in the system but though I would ask since she does have the awards listed as Religious awards from her other troop.

Can I get these Religious Awards loaded into my Troops account?


They should already be available to you:

  1. From the Gear icon, click on Manage Active Achievements.
  2. Search for RP3. This is what I find when I search:


  1. Check the boxes next to the ones your new girl earned.
  2. Update her account to show that they have been completed.
  3. If your troop does not use those awards, go back to Manage Active Achievements and un-check the boxes.

I’m not sure this is exactly what you are asking, but since no one else responded, I thought I’d give it a shot. :slight_smile:

Thank you. I was unaware of that information as I am a newbie to TroopTrac so thank you for answering!


There are a number of other PRAY: Bible Basics RP3 options the girls can earn that are not listed here. My girl earned one called Trees.

There is also now Tents & Shelters, Holes, Wind of the Spirit, Trees, On the Road, Making Room, & Fire. See

Can these be added into TroopTrac?

For that you have to ask someone who works here! :slight_smile:



Thanks for the link you shared. We can definitely get these into TroopTrack. The support team will work on getting these in the system.

I will keep you updated on the progress.


These have all been added. Let me know if you have any questions.


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