Missing Service Hours

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We are working on the missing service hours issue. Sorry for the disruption this caused!

Dave worked on this some over the Thanksgiving break while the rest of us were away, but wasn’t able to completely fix the issue. We will be able to restore all the missing service hours, so please don’t re-add them or they will end up getting doubled. You can continue entering in new service hours without a problem.


Is it still ok to enter new service hours on events? As far as I can tell, the girls’ records all kept the hours that were attached to Troop Events. I have 2 big events that have service hours and I want to make sure I save my Service Coordinator time. :wink: She’s not super TT savvy and I don’t want to confuse her.

Is there an update to this Issue? All service hours done outside the troop have disappeared!

I’m assuming this situation is site wide, but just in case our troop is also effected, CO 2012. Please let us know if you need any info to help solve this. Thanks!

@SRUEDU: Yes, it’s okay to enter new service hours, however you’d like. :slight_smile:
@AnnStillabower2: We’re still working on the problem! We’re sorry this is taking so long.
@henslerreb: The situation is site-wide. :confused:

Is there any way to get a report or something of the data? Even if it’s not pretty/needs to be exported to CSV/excel? I had no idea how often we referred to service hours until we couldn’t anymore. Like many other troops, we have our mid-year ceremony coming up and are missing a lot of important data.

This issue has been fixed! Woot! See here for the product update. :slight_smile:

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