Mobile App - Updating Calendar Range

Our mobile app calendar starts with events nearly 2 months ago and ends 1 month in the future. Is this something we can edit so we can see events further out in the future?

The Mobile App is very limited. In order to see the future events you must click the arrows at the top to the right of the month range, and no this is not something you can edit. The way the app was set up for events is to show all events in a list for a three month block, requiring you to scroll down past the old events to get to the current events when you are at the end of that three month block, then go to the next three month block to see the future events. I know I have seen at least one Idea category asking about changing this functionality however the Mobile App has not been developed in a couple years at this point. I believe I saw posted somewhere it was done by an outside company for TT. I haven’t seen anything recently about their future plans for a mobile app. It really seems like they are moving more in the direction of making the Website more mobile friendly. Honestly if people ask I tell them not to buy the App, I wish TT would pull it from the App stores and remove the links to it from the Mobile Website.

I would love to have started work on something a long time ago. But there was no developer program or api access. And when there was finally one created, the terms and conditions are so onerous I am not even considering anything anymore.

Which is a shame, cause I am fairly certain my cat’s hairball could vomit up a better app than what was produced.

Mobile Apps really need updating. My son’s pack has embraced TroopTrack so, its all we’ve got going for us right now. As a communications platform, its pretty rough. On the mobile side, its rougher. Look at it this way, parents are in the field camping, parents are in the out with the scouts selling popcorn, parents are at the meetings doing pack business but, not on computers; on their phones. Please update the mobile apps. I open my IOS app frequently but, I’m seldom finding the info I’m hoping to find.

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