Bug - Mobile Calender Format drops 31st

We have a troop meeting tonight, August 31st. If the calender is viewed on a phone the calendar stops at Aug 29. I can reproduce this on a computer, in the ‘standard’ monthly calander view I can see the meeting on the 31s. If I shrink the window, making it narrower, until the mobile/agenda format comes up, the 31st is cut off, making one assume there is no meeting. It may cut the 30th as well. I am not sure.

@Keener-Trooptrack I reproduced the same behavior in the Mobile app as well as Mobile browser and desktop browser made narrow much like @AlonWiedenman did. I only see to August 24th, my guess is that section is only showing a finite number of lines, I counted 14 on mobile Safari, in the app I can’t even scroll that area of the calendar.

Hi y’all,

I’ve reported this to the tech team. I’ll be sure to update this thread once the issue is fixed.


David Keener