Mobile friendly event notification email uses full width

Trooptrack’s event notification emails seem designed for the desktop and not a mobile device. Event notifications are extremely difficult to read on a mobile device due to the way the information is laid out. Field labels are placed on the left and the field content is placed on the right. Instead, a more mobile friendly method is to place field labels on top and field content underneath. This allows the field content to use the full width of the screen.

Below is an example of what we see (iPhone). The “Description” field label is on the left and the field content is all scrunched up on the right with just a word or two per line.

Instead, something like this might look better:

Planning meeting for the Pancake Breakfast DriveIn Fundraiser to be held…

Yes please! The headings drive me a little bonkers on my phone and I know 90% of our troop don’t use the full version so this would be very helpful!