When viewing a calendar entry; the date isnt on the

it’d be super nice if when clicked/viewing a calendar entry if the date/time were along side all the content

Please be more specific and include a screen shot if you can. I am looking at my calendar items and see the Date and time information. I do see on Mobile View you have to scroll down to see it, is that what you are referring to? If so unfortunately with the potential for such little screen real estate on Mobile it really has to be a column.

you bet - a pictures worth 1000 words huh :slight_smile:

hey thx for saving the day with SOAR, our Troop has almost completely moved over now,we’re still learning the ropes, but everyone love the upgrade :slight_smile:

I see, when you have a long Description it does push the Details block down the window and depending on screen size may require scrolling down. Unfortunately it would not be possible to have all three tiles across the screen as screen real estate is an issue and sites have to be designed for multiple screen sizes. If the Details block were moved above the Description block I think people would complain that the Description Block would be moved down the screen and not viewable. I am not sure there is a great solution for this situation. Perhaps a small block above Description that just had the Start and End dates. If you have a specific suggestion then add that and change this to an Idea to see if others also agree.

I am glad your Troop is liking TT, I wasn’t familiar with SOAR until recently but it is great for TT, they lost many subscriptions during covid and it has really hurt, this has been a great influx of subscriptions but then also activity and ideas to improve the product.