FIXED: Member account cannot go to zero

What we’re seeing may be TT working as designed but I wanted to confirm.

The situation we are seeing is that a Scout is attempting to RSVP to an event where payment is required. the cost of the event is $20. the Scout has $20 in their account and wishes to pay for the event with their Scout account. This should work and the result being that the Scout ends with $0 in their account.

What we see is with the option to allow overdraft of member accounts disabled, TT does not allow the transaction to occur. If we do enable the ability to overdraft member accounts the transaction succeeds and the $20 event fee is paid leaving the Scout with $0 in their account.

Could you confirm that this behavior is expected or if there is a possible bug here. I think we could be fine etiher way, just want to be able to inform Scouts/parents of expected behavior.

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I’ve got a fix for this. It will go live tonight.

Thanks @nfont!

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Awesome! Thanks @dave

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