Money Account Fees

In TroopTrack Events, there is an option to have the family pay the TroopTrack fee as well as the PayPal fee. However this does not seem to be the case with Money Accounts.

Johnny owes the ship $10.00. We put that into his money account. He now shows negative $10.00.
Johnny goes in and puts a deposit in for $10.00. However due to the fees, he still is in the negative.

Is there a way to add on the fees so that if he deposited a certain amount the appropriate fees would be added on so he would actually be depositing what is requested?

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I opened a bug on this issue and was told the fix should go live sometime next week.

Is there any way I can have the status of this confirmed by the site administrators?

Hey @KelsieC - Is Spencer still on track to push this live this week?

@JustinWeaver @pjhansen

I spoke to our developer and he says it should get pulled some time this week. He has already submitted the code changes and we are just waiting for them to go live.

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I was just curious if any movement was made on this. With Recharter right around the corner I would love to use this system in order to collect registration fees and dues. However, with the way the fees are calculated my unit would actually not be collecting the correct amount to send in for registration. If this isn’t fixed quickly I will need to figure out another way.

@KelsieC, I’ve heard through the grapevine this was fixed. Can you confirm?

The short answer is - it depends. :confused:

The long answer is that it depends on whether the user or the troop are paying the fees. When transactions are conducted via TroopTrack, there are two fees - one is a transaction fee from TroopTrack (always 25 cents) and the other is a PayPal/Stripe fee (dependent on the amount of the transaction). If the user is set to pay the fees, they will pay the TroopTrack fee and the PayPal/Stripe fee. The net amount will be the “actual” transaction amount. If the troop is set to pay the fees, they (the troop) will pay the PayPal/Stripe fee, but the user will still get hit with the TroopTrack fee. The user’s account will still show the “actual” amount, while the troop will see the net amount - the “actual” minus the PayPal/Stripe fees.

Here is what the troop and the user would see in those two scenarios:

  1. User pays fees: Say John Doe wants to deposit $20 into his scout’s account. He will actually end up paying $20 plus 25 cents, plus the PayPal/Stripe fee (in this case, an arbitrary 50 additional cents). So John Doe would pay $20.75 and his account would be credited with $20 even.

  2. Troop pays fees: John Doe wants to deposit $20. He pays $20.25 and sees $20 in his scout’s account. The troop, however, will see $19.50, because they paid that other 50 cents.

We are working on changing it so that it is more consistent - either the user pays all of the fees or the troop pays all of the fees, but that either way the scout/parent account ends up credited with the even amount - $20, $50, or whatever, as opposed to the amount they were trying to deposit, minus the fees.

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Thanks @KelsieC! I have to say, we have been very pleased with the fix. We have our users pay the fees and it is working flawlessly for us.