Money book

Is there a way for money book to be reset to “factory settings”? Our board is very confused with the way our previous treasurer kept the records, and we wanted to delete everything and start over. How would we do that?

Hi @AmandaVarblow,

Unfortunately, there isn’t a reset button (this is for the protection of the data). You will have to go in and individually delete the transactions or the accounts to clear it all up.

Let me know if you need any further assistance!


Hi @KelsieC,

I have the same request as @AmandaVarblow. The only difference is I am the one who messed our Money Book up! :slight_smile:

Is it possible for you to wipe our whole Money Book so that I can start over with it?

A few months ago, I deleted the Troop Primary Account - just for fun - don’t ask why. Then I realized I probably shouldn’t have done that, so I created a new account and called it Troop Primary Account. But I am not sure that fixed anything?

I also made a few test transactions which I now cannot locate or delete, yet they show up under Manage Transaction Categories. Today I deleted all the money accounts (except “Troop Primary Account” :slight_smile: ), thinking that I could just start over, but there are some “ghost” transactions that I cannot find or delete.

Now when I go to Manage > Money > Manage Transaction Categories, I see that there are 5 transactions under the “Patch - Optional” category, but when I click on the 5, no transactions appear. There is also 1 ghost deposit that when I click on the 1, no transactions appear.

Can our Money Book be reinitialized or something so I can start from scratch? Or can someone make sure the Troop Primary Account looks right from the backend so that what I do from now on will not be affected by my previous experimentation?