Mountain Lion Advancement

I have a Mountain Lion that I would like to add Advancement requirements. However, as you can see by the attachment, the Sports and Values for Navigator/Adventurer Elective Trail Badges are options.
There should also be a Timberline Award (Ver 1.5, 2016) was available to select and it is not there.

Can I get a little more clarification regarding the elective trail badges? I don’t understand the problem very well.

With regards to the second, we are having our developer take a look at it and we’ll see what we can do.

Mountain Lions should not have the advancement options for Nav/Adv Elective Trail Badges.

Sorry it took so long to respond to this, @ToddNeuverth.

With regards to the Timberline Award v. 1.5, that one has been taken care of and will now appear for Mountain Lions. Regarding the Navigator/Adventurer Elective Trail Badges, that one is not quite as simple. In order to make sure the correct awards for the correct ranks, we select the rank from a dropdown menu on our end, but only one rank can be selected (Navigator, Adventurer, Mountain Lion, etc.). This those elective trail badges are for both Navigators and Adventurers, it has to be left blank, leading it to show up on all ranks. Right now the option is for it to show up for all of them or only one of them, so for now that is the option that the developers have chosen to go with, since it is not creating any problems with the functionality of the site.