Awards for previous Trail Life Ranks

I have Trailman that have earned awards but then advanced to a new rank before the details were entered in TT. For example, I need to record Mountain Lion Branch Pins and Sylvan Stars for a Trailman that is now a Navigator. Can someone help me figure out how to do this?

Hi @KeithBeindorf,

I’m moving this to the Trail Life Advancement category and someone will get with you shortly.

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Temporarily drag the trailman in question back into a Mountain Lion patrol. Add the advancements he has earned with the appropriate dates. Then drag him back into his Navigator patrol.

I’ve got the same situation, except that when I do this, I can’t order the Forest Award for the boy who was moved to Navigator. My cart has one Mountain Lion Forest Award (for another boy, I believe) and one Journey Award (not sure if that’s for the boy #1 or for someone else).

Any help would be much appreciated.


@joshuasanders, thanks for your help. On which page do you have ‘drag and drop’ capabilities between patrols? I can’t find this anywhere within TT. Thanks again!

Keith, Manage -> Patrols.

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