Scout patrol changing to "unassigned"

We’ve been having an odd bug where the Troop assigned to a scout seems to be getting deleted. I think what’s happening is that they have been updating their information, but do not have all the permissions. When I change the patrol, I see this:
When they change their grade, then they see only the fields on the right column (sorry, I’m a new user, so can only post one image)

I think that what’s happening is that the ID and Patrol fields are hidden, but that the Patrol is not persisting when they go to save (the ID is not deleted, though, which is good)


We have had a couple other people mention this but had not been able to figure out what was going on. You are correct, I just verified with my sons account, when a Scout or possibly parent modifies the other options in that section the Patrol is removed. I will get this over to Dave. Thanks.