Kids being moved out of assigned UNIT

Today is the 2nd time in about 2 weeks, where a child assigned to a certain UNIT level, had somehow moved into the UNASSIGNED Unit group?? Anyone else having this issue, or is TT working on something that keeps causing this?? Thanks!

I saw some reports of this from a few different people a while back and suggested those people e-mail because it is not happening globally so perhaps it is something more specific to individual units. Unfortunately TT staff is short handed and having a hard time keeping up with support e-mails. I will reach out to the others that had this problem and see if they were able to get a resolution from TT staff or if they are still waiting.

I don’t know if this is still considered and issue, but we have it happening in our troop. I’ve been moving random girls back into units all year. At first I thought maybe it was something one of the leaders/parents did accidentally. But I’m on something like my 8th girl that we just had to move back into her unit. They just keep randomly moving from their unit to the unassigned category.

If it helps, I’m using Brave (Chrome) browser that is completely up to date.

@dave, and @Tyler,

This problem was reported a while back, I think there is at least one other thread about it. I never saw anything posted that it was fixed but people really didn’t come back and continue posting about it until this new post today.

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I spoke with Dave about this last night. He cannot think of anything on the back end that would cause something like this. He has not been able to replicate the issue. This issue did seem to come about right about the time the ability to have individuals added to multiple Units/Patrols/Dens. It is possible this is happening either accidentally or by some programming issue because of that change. We wondered if people could really start to look at the specifics of who this is happening to and check their permissions as well as ask if they have gone into the Registration Info section of their youths Profile. Until this problem can be reproduced unfortunately it won’t be something that can be fixed.

I am using the BSA template, so I will use those organizational terms. I have noticed buggy behavior when moving Youth members from one Patrol to another by dragging them in the Manage:Patrols UI. I use Firefox.

The particular issue I recall seeing was that the Youth would end up in the Patrol twice, which is probably not correct. Entering their Profile would show them in the Patrol twice. But upon touching the record (“editing” but not changing anything) it would appear to sanity check the Patrol assignment and drop the duplicate assignment.

If those having issues can confirm whether they are using the drag-and-drop interface to reassign or editing the Profile, perhaps we can narrow the issue.

I have a BSA Troop and Pack and for Youth Profiles am not getting the option to enter multiple Patrols/Dens under Registration Info Patrol. I still see the old drop down.
Screen Shot 2023-03-14 at 1.24.45 PM

Can others confirm they are seeing the new function where multiple items can be input, I do see that for Adults?
Screen Shot 2023-03-14 at 1.26.13 PM

I have only seen multiple Patrol assignments for Adults in a BSA Troop. Which was why it was buggy to have the Youth get two Patrol assignments when moving them around in the UI.

Good morning, do you have the option to have Youth in multiple Units?


Sorry, I’ve been away from my email/computer for a couple of days!

No, I do not see the option to have Youth in Multiple Units. I do have adults in multiple units but have only had one issue with a single person being moved out of their assigned unit. As this was a person who we had moved once, I thought maybe it was an accidental moving into unassigned, but turns out it wasn’t.

Edited to add pic:

This is our test family, we only have the option of putting her in one unit at a time.

We are still struggling with this. It’s not as often, but I have my board, whenever they sign in to TT, just check the unassigned section and put girls/adults where they go. Has anyone else had this problem still?

I haven’t seen anyone else report this in the Community. Gather as much info as you have, screenshots or any specific names and e-mail to

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Someone else just posted this same issue and had a theory and I confirmed he was correct. If the youth or parent changes other information in that particular section then the Unit is removed. I just sent it over to Dave.

I had this problem again today and sent the email over to trooptrack support. It was my own kid, but I haven’t changed anything in her profile to my knowledge. Hopefully, they can get it fixed.

:smiley: Thanks!