Multiple Picture Download

Please add the ability to select multiple pictures for download. Currently you have to click on each picture. This makes it painful to download all the pictures for our year-end video. It may even by a nice feature to download all pictures within a given time period so we don’t have to go into each album.

I agree with this request! The simplest way to do this would likely to allow the album to be downloaded as a ZIP file, including all the pics. Then the files can be sorted on the user’s computer.

I developed a Windows application that allows me to easily download the pictures. If Troop Track doesn’t add this feature I may make this utility available to everyone. Currently, the code gets the job done, but it isn’t ready for prime time.

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Did this functionality ever get added?

Hi @ChristineOjih,

Yes you can upload multiple photos at once by selecting multiple photos when uploading to an album.


David Keener

It’s actually DOWNLOADING multiple files from a TroopTrack album that I need.