New BSA Rank Requirements (01/04/2016)

This evening we released the new BSA Rank Requirements for all BSA units. We did not automatically upgrade un-started ranks for you since there is some leeway, at least for this year, in how those are applied. Instead, we gave you some easy to use tools for upgrading to the new ranks:

1) Everywhere we display ranks we now also display the version of the rank (2015 vs 2016).

2) When you review ranks for an individual scout there is an "upgrade rank" button you can use to switch to the new requirements. This button will only appear if the rank is currently un-started and using the 2015 requirements.

3) When you record progress for ranks in bulk you can choose between the 2015 and 2016 ranks.

4) Want to upgrade a lot of ranks at once? Just go to Achieve -> Upgrade Ranks for 2016 and use our easy upgrade tool to get it done.

Happy New Year!

~ Dave