Upgrade/downgrade any BSA rank (2016-05-10)

Typically you only want to downgrade or upgrade a BSA rank if they haven’t been started, but we’ve run into circumstances where you have needed to up/down grade a rank that has some progress. The main page still defaults to showing only the unstarted ranks, but there is now a link on the page for showing all ranks.

Be careful - you will lose all progress when you upgrade or downgrade and we can’t bring it back!!! You have been warned!


Hi Dave,

I noticed that ALL Boy Scout Ranks that scouts have already completed now have the (2016) next to them. I was given the impression that ALL ranks (especially Scout, Tenderfoot, 2nd Class and 1st Class) that were started in 2015 (and completed before or within 2016) would continue to have the (2015) next to them. And only those ranks that the scout completes under the new 2016 changes would have the (2016) next to them. I’m thinking that a system update occurred and upgraded all of our scout ranks that have already completed. It’s confusing to see (2016) next to all of these Ranks when, if fact, they occurred before the new 2016 changes. Please clarify.

Troop 773

Why isn’t this warning included on the upgrade/downgrade webpage itself? We lost a handful of Scouts’ info not knowing this before funding this help topic. Transactions that delete data should not require a search on the Community to ensure it’s safe before clicking the button.


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It’s just an oversight. Thanks for pointing it out. @Spencer can you fix this?

I’ve whipped up a fix for this.

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Now that we are 4 months into 2017 when will this become the default?

Our Troop has a Scout who is working on Second Class, the 2016 requirements. But his TroopTrack Rank listing shows “Second Class (2015)”. I’d like to upgrade his requirements to “Second Class (2016)”.

When I go into Achieve as shown in the screenshots earlier in this thread, to “Upgrade Ranks to 2016”, I get the screen – but for this Scout, Second Class isn’t listed at all. Neither is it listed for him as a “Downgrade” option, for that matter.

I must be missing something, but I am not sure what!

On the right side of Upgrade Ranks for 2016 page did you click the “Show all ranks” link to see if he shows up there as 2015? Are you sure in TT his 2nd class hasn’t had a completion date put in?