New sea scout advancement requirements for 2016

There are new advancement requirements for the Sea Scout Advancement Program, the Sea Scout Small Boat Handler Program, and the Sea Scout Qualified Seaman Program.

Can these new requirements be shown in the advancement section along with the old requirements as the old requirements have a year to phase out.

I have the PDFs for all three programs but I don’t see anywhere to post these items.

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Hi @JustinWeaver

Can you email the PDFs to me at I will get these added for you.

I also have the same issue. I will email you (Melissa) the PDFs

I was wondering when TroopTrack will have the current 2016 rank requirements for Sea Scouts available for use? Everyone in the unit has switched over to the new requirements. but only the 2011 requirements for rank appear on Troop Track

Sea Scout Rank Advancement

Link to Current Ranks Published Dec 2015

Link to Existing Ranks Published in 2011

I have actually sent TroopTrack all of the required information for this update and have been working with the staff with answering any questions. Though I am not a TroopTrack staff member I’d expect this to be updated soon.