Transfer Users Between TroopTrack Troops

Users that are moving from one TroopTrack troop to another are able to request that their data is transferred between them automatically. We will take care of the transfer and it won't change any of your data or your login details. Initiating a transfer is simple.

I just moved, what do I need to do to transfer my information?

Both you and the leader of the troop you're entering into need to submit a support request (Support>Get Help) containing the following information:

  1. Permission to initiate the transfer
  2. A comprehensive list of everyone in your family being transferred, don't leave anyone out
  3. Which troop you're moving into
  4. Which troop you moved out of

One of my members just moved out of the troop, what do I need to do?

You can submit a support request (Support>Get Help) asking for people to be moved out of your troop and where they're being moved to. Make sure you provide a complete list of who is being moved since we won't move anyone that you've not specified in your transfer request.

Somebody just moved into my troop, how can I transfer them from their old TroopTrack troop?

Submit a support request (Support>Get Help) including:

  1. Permission to transfer users into your troop
  2. A comprehensive list of all users coming into your troop
  3. Which troop the users are being transferred from

Once we have permission from everyone involved, we will be able to start the transfer. Please DO NOT request a transfer through email, it delays the process and makes it difficult to locate/match up the requests.

IMPORTANT: What if I already added those people to our troop without doing a transfer?

Don't add people to your troop manually like that. Just adding them as a user won't transfer their achievement data or login information. It just creates a duplicate entry and wastes your time. You should DELETE the duplicate user that you made BEFORE you request a transfer. Thank you

Additional Details:

How do I open a help desk ticket?

Go to Support > Get Help. Enter anything in the search bar and hit "Enter." On the right will be a red box that says "Didn't find what you were looking for?" At the very bottom, there is a blue button, "Open a Help Desk Ticket." Use that to submit your transfer request.

Multi-Destination Transfers:

Try to keep each support request limited to one source/destination. If you have multiple people moving out but going to different destinations, put them in separate tickets - this will speed up the rate at which we can process your transfer request. The transfers can be started as soon as we've received permission from leaders in both troops.


I'm the leader of BSA troop 1234 requesting a transfer of the following scouts from troop 1234 to 9876.
Here are the families being transferred:
Louis Robinson
Sandra Robinson
James Robinson
Fred Robinson
Benjamin Grey
Carl Grey
Stephanie Moore
Virginia Moore

I've contacted the leader of 9876 and you should recieve their transfer approval shortly.
Thank you!

Note: All these names are purely fictional. I literally just made them up. Any relation to actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental.


I am just now having this situation for the first time. One family moving into the troop and one family moving out of the troop. EXCELLENT information! Thank you!


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We have some girls transferring into our new troop, from another troop that uses Troop Track.

Is there any way we can get the badge and service hours imported from the old troop’s TT records into our new troop’s TT?


I believe all that is included in the transfer.

Thanks for the response. I am looking at girl #503615 and seeing nothing for her. I know she has data from her old troop, but I am not seeing it here in the new troop.

If service hours transfer, would the specific events for those service hours transfer, too? Or just the number of hours?


It doesn’t appear that that girl was transferred. That looks like a new user. That girl has a deactivated account with recorded progress in MD0134 though.

That’s strange that she doesn’t appear to have been transferred. We worked with our AHG coach to transfer her. I don’t know what was done on their end, but it was supposed to be a transfer.

Can we get the recorded progress from the old troop associated with her account in the new troop?


I’d have to transfer the whole user account. This means you’d have a duplicate and you will need to transfer all the information you want to keep to one of the accounts and deactivate the other. I’m afraid there’s no way to just take the information from an existing account and apply it to a different account.

How do we get that done? I have at least 2 girls who are in now with none of their data transferred.

Do you just need a list of girls?


The girls are:

The new accounts that these girls have in our new troop do not have any data associated with them, and the parents have not been invited to join yet.

Are you saying that we need to deactivate the accounts that our AHG coach set up when they transferred the girls to our troop?

Please tell me specifically what I need to do to fix this problem. Thanks!

Hi @mlsully2002,

The best solution is to deactivate the empty users in your account and transfer the ones with badge info to your troop.

Please follow the instructions above to open a helpdesk ticket for this. I will need to know the names (first and last) of every person you want to transfer, including parents or others in the household. I will also need to know specifically from which troop and to which troop in the ticket.

Once I have the To and From and all those names, I can initiate the transfer.

Thank you.

Hi @mlsully2002,

Thanks for your explanation. I think I understand now - when we transferred the girls from their old troop into the new troop, AHG National did that transfer on their end. That was the AHG transfer. But you and I are now talking about Troop Track users, not AHG users. To transfer data from their old Troop Track account (not AHG account) into the new troop I have to deactivate the new Troop Track account, and transfer the old TT account. (Insert “Duh” here.) Thanks for your patience!

So I have deactivated the girls’ accounts. Do I need to deactivate the parents’ accounts as well?

Our Troop Coordinator will open the helpdesk ticket for these families.

Hi @mlsully2002,

We are wondering if there is any update for help desk #17832 (7/15/17) and #17836 (7/16/17).


Sorry, still trying to catch up. My wife and I just had our baby and I took some time off. Now that I’m back, I’m struggling a bit to get back where we need to be.

Those transfers are complete.


The “help desk ticket” option doesn’t appear on my Troop Track. I need to request a transfer of a girl to another troop. The mom thinks that she needs to go on Troop Track to request the transfer, but we’ve already deactivated their account, and from what I’ve seen here, it’s up to the Troop Coordinators in the old and new troop to make the request. Is that correct? (We also provided her with an advancement report via email…)


To submit a help desk ticket, it’s a bit roundabout, since we prefer that people come to the Community first before submitting the ticket to us, so we’ve set it up like that somewhat on purpose. To submit a ticket, go to Support > Get Help. In the search box that pops up, type in whatever (it really doesn’t matter, you just need to get to the search results page for the next bit). Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the search results page and click the blue button labeled “Open a Help Desk Ticket.”

Alternatively, you can also email me at or, though a help desk ticket is easier to keep track of and the preferred method. I need permission from both troops to perform the transfer, so I typically end up getting a ticket/email from both, or I get it from just one and email the other to obtain permission from them as well.

Thank you Kelsie! I just submitted our transfer request.

how long does it take for a transfer to go through? I just transferred two members out of our troop and I want to be able to tell them how long it will take to show up in their new troop.

Hi @ChristineButtram, @KelsieC does all the transfers, and she has to receive permission from leaders in both troops, which can slow down a transfer if they don’t get back to her quickly. Usually once the leaders give their permission the transfer can be all finished in a day or two.

However, we’re pretty swamped at this time of the year (from the start of school until about Thanksgiving), so it takes Kelsie a bit longer to complete transfers than normal. It could take somewhere between a day to maybe a week once she gets permission.

How do the leaders in the troops know that they need to approve this? Is it just sent to the troop coordinators? This is the first time that either myself or my coordinator have had to do this so I want to make sure that we have the process understood.